Get to Know Nikolas

Nikolas Velikopoljski is a Miami-based entrepreneur and the founder of The Benefitted, a luxury apparel and accessories company. He graduated in 2017 from the University of Miami School of Business with a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Administration and Management. 

Nikolas has been a creative thinker since he was a child, always looking for ways to improve something or put his own personal spin on them. When he founded The Benefitted, he was simply creating a solution to a problem—Hard Rock Stadium in Miami enacted strict policies that prevented stadium attendees from bringing traditional bags into the stadium. 

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Nikolas Velikopoljski understood the need people had and filled it by creating branded, vinyl fanny packs that were stadium approved and incredibly convenient. Seeing people use the product he created proved surreal for Nikolas, and it made him want to create more products for people to use and enjoy. 

Nikolas’s foray into fashion is not completely surprising—he has always used clothing as a form of expression, often altering clothing to fit his personal style. One of his favorite items he’s made is a pair of bowling shoes that he transformed into house slippers by melting off the heel. In his opinion, the funkier the clothes, the better. Dressing differently helps set one apart from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. 

Like many young entrepreneurs, Nikolas is intrigued by the non-traditional hours of the entrepreneurial life, favoring the hectic schedule and ability to be outside of an office, looking for the next big thing. He has also always looked up to his father, a successful entrepreneur in his own right and a community leader in the Miami area. As Nikolas continues to grow The Benefitted, he plans to once more follow his father’s footsteps and increase his partnerships with community organizations and nonprofits. 

Growing up, Nikolas Velikopoljski was always involved in some capacity with various charities and non-profit organizations. In high school, he regularly volunteered with Sisters of Sacred Heart, a homeless shelter, and was heavily involved in Leading Miami, a youth-based community leadership program. Nikolas also worked with Get Smart, an organization that provided school supplies to underfunded schools in the Bahamas. 

When he’s not developing a new item for The Benefitted or volunteering, Nikolas enjoys spending time with his friends. Nikolas and a group of 15 or so friends  have a standing basketball match every Tuesday evening. For them, the game allows a nice reprieve from the working week and gives them all the chance to blow off some steam. To learn more about Nikolas Velikopoljski and his entrepreneurial endeavors, be sure to check out his blog!