When it comes to any commercial endeavor, the tools you use can make or break you. It has a positive correlation to your productivity, accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. Use the wrong tools, and your limited resources, including time and money, maybe wasted. Here are four tech tools that every entrepreneur should have on them:


Email marketing has unarguably one of the highest returns on investment of any technology or tool that’s available to entrepreneurs. And of any service provider, MailChimp currently has the lion’s share of the market. Using their platform, you can connect to leads, existing customers, vendors, and business partners in an instant. MailChimp allows you to promote your brand through custom email messages that are aesthetically appealing and easy to write.


Time tracking is a recurring task that consumes much of an entrepreneur’s time and mental energy, limited resources that could be allocated elsewhere. A time-tracking tool, like Calendly, helps you schedule important tasks, such as business meetings and sales demos, without the need for the tedious back-and-forth emails. The platform offers a free 14-day trial period where you can access most of Calendly’s features without any commitments.


Any business venture requires capital to continuously operate without delay or compromise. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have access to a myriad of funding options, one of which is Fundera. The tool allows you to compare different SBA options instantly. Simply choose your loan amount and loan purpose to proceed. You’ll also have to enter relevant information, such as your business’s inception date and credit score.


Asana is a powerful tool for workflow management, especially for businesses that work with remote teams. Using Asana, you can see the progress of each team and project. If they are lagging behind or ahead of schedule, you can then make the appropriate adjustments, such as assigning more people to the team or changing due dates, to ensure timely project completion.

These are only a few of the many tech tools that you can use to simplify your daily workload as an entrepreneur. By simplifying these redundant tasks and processes, you leave yourself more equipped to deal with the big picture items on the agenda, including bolstering your brand’s integrity, improving customer relations, and cultivating a stronger market presence.