Productivity is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you can’t get things done at a reasonable pace, you’re going to quickly realize you aren’t cut out to start and run your own business. So how do successful entrepreneurs do it? How do they manage to stay productive each and every day in order to grow thriving businesses? While there isn’t a definitive answer to this, there are a lot of different things that people, entrepreneurs included, do in order to keep themselves productive each day. Here are a few tips to keep your productivity up.

Do The Hardest Work When You’re Most Productive

According to Michael Breus, a sleep specialist, your peak productivity times are dependent on your chronotype. For instance, if you’re a morning person, then you might want to work early in the morning to avoid getting too tired and doing more harm to yourself and your business. On the other hand, if you’re a night owl, then you might want to stay up late to focus on your work then as opposed to waking up early. Understanding your body’s natural rhythms can help you create a workday that works best for you.

Don’t Multitask

According to the American Psychological Association, switching between tasks can decrease one’s productivity by up to 40%, and single-focused techniques such as the Pomodoro can help keep you focused on one task at a time. Try using apps such as Momentum or using the Pomodoro technique to keep track of both your work and breaks.

Understand Your Limits

Getting too tired can also lead to various issues, such as making mistakes and not being able to complete simple tasks. Try taking a break from your problem and sleeping on it until the next morning to see if the solution can be delivered. Having the proper amount of sleep and nutrients can help keep your brain and body functioning at their best. In addition to being physically and mentally healthy, other factors such as getting enough exercise and emotional support can additionally help keep you motivated.

Delegate Tasks

As your business grows, you’ll begin to realize that you just can’t do it all. That’s why you hire new team members to help move the business along. Once you begin bringing new members on, it’s important that you delegate certain tasks to other employees. There will be some tasks that you’re not best for, so give those to someone more experienced. You also want to make sure you’re not drowning in work, otherwise, you won’t get anything done. Be sure to give everyone a fair amount of work, and make sure you give each task to the most well-suited person for it.