As a small business owner, your budget for marketing is likely limited. Larger brands tend to have bigger budgets for marketing and advertising purposes. However, for many small business owners, there are so many tools that you can utilize for little to no cost, and still have an effective marketing strategy! Here are a few great tools you can use to build your brand marketing strategy and reach your consumers:

Create Social Media Profiles 

Social media is one of the most widely used tools for connecting brands with their target audience. Aside from the AI technology behind it, many consumers search different brand’s social media pages to find information on products, services, and the most recent updates. Creating and actively using social profiles like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help you stay directly engaged with your consumers. And, provide them with an easy way to communicate with your brand. Social media also provides a fantastic insight into your consumer market and what they’re interested in. For business pages, most platforms provide analytical data to help you better understand your interactions with your market. 

Design or Redesign Your Website

One of the other major benefits of having different social media profiles is having a few different places to lead your consumers to your website. If you’re just starting out, you’ll definitely need to design a website that will share with your consumers what your brand represents. If you have a website already, look into its efficiency and usability. Ensure that your consumers are using a well-functioning website that will give them.

Create Engagement Content

Content is essential for any brand, and really, what you need to produce to make your social media profiles stand out. Create engaging content for your consumers to use. Whether it’s a weekly blog or influencer posts on your Instagram page. These forms of content are what keeps the consumer engaged with your brand. 

Utilize Google AdWords

A great way to make your brand stand out is utilizing services like Google AdWords, in addition to other sponsored posts (Facebook Ads, Instagram sponsored ads, etc.) to give you an extra boost in reaching your audience. Google AdWords, for example, is a tool that will help you target specific keywords related to the products or services you offer; you can even narrow it down by a specific geographic location.