Everyone’s favorite time of year is slowly approaching. While it may be hard to take as many vacations this Summer, there’s plenty of time to get up off your feet and get to work. There’s plenty of sites that can help you land work as well as the good old word of mouth. Earning extra cash is always great but getting a side hustle could also help you learn skills to prepare you for the future workplaces.

Brand Ambassador

While scrolling through social media you often see people posting multiple times a week about a brand they are passionate about. There are plenty of opportunities for brand ambassador gigs, whether it is online only or standing in a tent at events. Some local restaurants may even offer food to an ambassador willing to post photos of their meals. This is a great way to boost skills in communicating with customers in different ways. 


A lot of homeowners, those with families, in particular, find it a bit difficult to find the time to keep up with their outdoor maintenance. Whether it is a neighbor or someone across town they may need your help. Not only is this a well paying job, but it also helps you stay active outside rather than hiding from the summertime weather.


Although many people are working from home right now this does not mean that they do not need help to watch their children. One of the easiest ways to make money is nannying for a family during the week or even for special date nights. Pet sitting and dog walking, in particular, have become very popular in recent years. If you love interacting with humans or pets this may be the job for you. Any helping hand is always appreciated, especially when it’s from someone in your community. There are many websites such as Care.com and the Wag app where you create a profile to share your experience with caretaking. 


It’s safe to say that almost everyone has experienced an Uber or Lyft ride in their life. There are always places to be in the summertime. Whether it’s a social event or to go grab lunch with a friend, people are constantly looking for rides to carpool and save time and money with parking. The best part is you get to create your hours and maybe even create some connections through conversation!