The coming years will be characterized by an explosion of technological growth.

Reimagining the World of Work

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

The Pandemic ushered in remote work on an unprecedented scale. And this benefits both workers and companies since it saves everything from the need for a commute to the need to rent office space.

As goLance CEO Michael Brooks puts it, “a variety of businesses have discovered the countless benefits of using a remote workforce. And there’s no turning back” (2).


As pointed out by Tony Lystra in a GeekWire article, Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella’s vision includes the creation of “virtual environments and avatars that aim to restore a pre-pandemic sense of human connection, even as employees continue to work remotely.”

No-Code Movement

The need to learn coding has been a barrier for aspiring web developers and programmers for years. For instance, a lot of learning is required to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

What Full Stack Developers Need to Know

  • Frontend Dev
  • Backend Dev
  • Database Management

In stark contrast, as time goes by, it becomes easier and easier to build a website with no code. As Machielle Thomas puts it in a Bluehost article, “Instead of building a digital product from scratch, low-code/no-code platforms empower users to create websites, applications, and other digital platforms with little to no coding experience.”

That said, there will always be the need for coders to develop customized websites and software for businesses.

Be Ready for the Future: 2022 and Beyond

While there are trends beyond the scope of this article, the reshaping of the work world and the No-Coding Movement will continue to be significant game-changers.

And both of these trends are good news for entrepreneurs for sure. Whether you are creating a No-Code website or hiring remote workers in the Philippines, you will definitely minimize overhead.