A cluttered workspace could mean you’re a genius. Some people think a cluttered desk means you have a cluttered mind. A photo of Albert Einstein’s messy desk could prove these people wrong. We’ve got what science has to say about the connection between clutter and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Answer To Organization

Psychological Science published a reportthat is great news for people with messy desks. They found these desks have just as many perks as the perfectly clean desks. The participants sat at a clean or cluttered desk. They had to answer questions and make decisions. The ones sitting at the cluttered desks had more creative ideas. Those sitting at the clean desks acting in a more conventional way. This leads some experts to wonder if a clean desk makes you react differently, if chaos leaves your mind free, and/or if someone works best when they first clear away the chaos.

Channeling Your Creativity

There is no right or wrong answer. Different people are wired to think in specific ways. It’s important to find the Einstein within you. You can do this a few ways.

Find your passion. You have to think about the reason you get out of bed for work. If you don’t work, think about what you want to do in the world. Go after this passion with zest. You’ll never work a day in your life when you do what you love, it’s true.

Go for the artist inside. Brainstorming isn’t always about writing things in your journal. Get out your blank sheet of paper. Doodle and sketch things. By doing this, you’re opening up different creativity modes in your brain. You don’t have to confine this to one kind of language.

Stay updated. Never stop learning. Always stay on top of the latest trends in technology or stock markets. Keep your creativity flowing by staying on top of the latest and greatest news.

The next time someone tells you to clean off your desk, explain to them that you’re opening your creativity flow. Albert Einstein was one of the smartest people that ever lived, and his desk was messy. The important thing is to have a desk that works best for your mind.