When addressing the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, one will often notice that the presentation is crucial. How an entrepreneur presents an idea to others can make or break a team’s acceptance of the proposal. This aspect is why entrepreneurs knowing how to speak in public properly is essential. No one wants to tank in a business meeting or presentation; it can influence the rapport between bosses and their employees. Below we will discuss different speaking habits of successful entrepreneurs as featured in an article by The Daily Mba. By staying attentive to these speaking skills, an entrepreneur is sure to grow their business. 

Firstly, speaking well in public helps establish a good reputation among your team and make you stand out against competitors. People will start to look at you as a “guru” with great credibility. This sentiment makes you the go-to person to engage in business with. Next, time management is essential for business efficiency. Try to schedule a meeting with multiple clients at one time instead of meeting one by one. It saves time that could be used for other important work, and it also creates contagious energy and enthusiasm amongst all the clients once one starts to open up about their approval. 

Also, confidence is key. When you believe what you are saying, other people will too. Confidence will allow you to chime in with ideas more effectively in meetings and exhibit better negotiation skills because you are not afraid of the possible outcome. Hand-in-hand with negotiation comes networking. Solidifying your public speaking skills allows you the benefit of choosing which industry events you give your time to and possibly provides you the ability to speak at events if the organizer knows you are a master at public speaking. 

Aside from pitching to others, good public speaking affects your general communication. Writing and speaking well show that an individual is highly functional and accomplished. Public speaking helps to increase charisma and attractiveness to other business people, which are imperative for managing relationships. Next, public speaking encourages entrepreneurs to increase their involvement. When you are confident in your communication skills, you start to become more confident in additional aspects of your life. This effect will cause you to be unafraid of seizing opportunities and making big important decisions for your company. Lastly, excelling in public speaking ensures that you close more business. Perfecting your pitch and closing methods is crucial for plans to go through. Speaking effectively in public directly affects the number of appointments you make with other business people, giving you more opportunity to close business. It is not expected for an entrepreneur to adopt these habits right away. Some might even need proper training to do so, but developing and perfecting these habits will instill good presentation skills in an entrepreneur, leading to increased business productivity.